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Hi, I am Sara, a freelance illustrator and designer living in a beautiful valley of the Italian Alps. I create educational and entertaining artwork for printed publications and digital projects for people of any age. My clients are publishers, institutions, NGOs, and commercial clients based in Italy and worldwide.

Since childhood, drawing has been my favorite tool to explore emotions and tell imaginary stories. I started by drawing comic strips depicting my schoolmates as colorful humanized animals having wild adventures.

I studied Graphic Arts at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Torino and Children’s Book Illustration at the European Institute of Design in the same city. While finishing my studies in 2009, I published my first illustrations in a medical publication with CLEUP and a calendar for a local naturalistic park. During my career, I explored several styles and techniques united by a love for creating engaging, detailed, dynamic pictures where observers can glimpse a story and connect with their emotional, empathetic side.

Besides drawing, I adore hiking in the nearby mountains and cultivating our family vegetable garden. I am particularly interested in environmental problems. In the last few years, I participated as an activist and art material creator in events of the local Extinction Rebellion group and Greenpeace.
Thanks for your interest!

Mi chiamo Sara e vivo in un piccolo paese della Val Pellice, sulle montagne piemontesi in provincia di Torino. Da qui lavoro come illustratrice e grafica freelance per case editrici, clienti istituzionali, privati e aziende basati prevalentemente in Italia e nei paesi anglofoni. Disegno soprattutto per l’editoria scolastica e progetti educativi dedicati a persone di ogni età e con diversi background culturali. 

Il disegno è il mio strumento prediletto per rielaborare le emozioni e raccontarie storie vissute e immaginarie sin da quando ero bambina, quando disegnavo fumetti con le avventure dei miei compagni di scuola, raffigurandoli come colorati animali antropomorfi. Il mio obiettivo oggi è creare illustrazioni coinvolgenti, ricche di atmosfera e dettagli, affinchè chi le osserva colga l’assaggio di una storia ed entri in contatto con la sua parte emotiva ed empatica.

Oltre a progettare e disegnare, amo camminare in montagna e nei boschi accanto a casa. Sono fortemente interessata alle problematiche ambientali, perciò negli ultimi anni ho partecipato come attivista e volontaria agli eventi del gruppo locale di Extinction Rebellion e di Greenpeace.


Selected clients

      • Giunti Scuola (Italia)
      • IRES - Regione Piemonte (Italia)
      • Raffaello Libri (Italia)
      • Ibiscus Libri (Italia)
      • Éditions Anas (Arabia Saudita)
      • Il Capitello (Italia)
      • Italian Climate Network
      • A.R.A.I Regione Piemonte (Italia)
      • Pearson (USA)
      • Across Cultures (UK)
      • Quatio Pty Ltd (Australia)
      • Griffin+Row (Australia)
      • Goldleaf (USA)
      • Break Loose Publishing (Australia)
      • Prima Edu Limited (UK)
      • Seneca Edizioni (Italia)
      • Agra Editrice
      • CLEUP edizioni (Italia)


Illustrations for fiction and non-fiction books, digital and board games, medical textbooks, and printed and digital media educational projects. Sequential art (comics): line art and digital coloring.
Traditional media skills: acrylics, watercolor, gouache, ink, pen, colored pencils, graphite, pastels. Raster and vector digital art, 2D animation.

Design: digital graphics for social media, websites, and printed products: packaging, cover design, book layouts, interactive e-books, comics, infographics, and icons.

Computer skills: Excellent knowledge of Adobe CC Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.
Good knowledge: Adobe Animate, Adobe XD, WordPress CMS. Ms Office, Open Office.
Basic knowledge: HTML and CSS coding, responsive web design, Git.
Confident with online platforms for shared online work (Dropbox, Drive).

Publications and commissioned work

“Guida mia”. History, class V – GIUNTI Scuola – 2023
“Community Village” – Across Cultures
“Ma prière” – Éditions Anas
“Guida mia”. History, Geography, class IV – GIUNTI Scuola – 2022
“SOFIA” – IRES Regione Piemonte
“Capire, Formare, Agire” – IRES Regione Piemonte
“Mon Dictionnaire Arabe-Français Illustré” – Éditions Anas
“The Islands” – Across Cultures – 2021
“The little black book of fabulous skin” – Griffin+Row – 2019
“Lawrence Littlefoot – The HiNor Landers” – Zophar Santè
“Project ConNet” – Diaconia Valdese
Roll-up design – Climalia
Voluntary graphic designer work – Italian Climate Network – 2015 – 2018
“Veterinary surgery procedures” – Veterinary Surgery Center of Sarasota – 2017

“Spruntzel” – Twinwood Animation – 2017
“Know your skin” – Griffin+Row  – 2016
“Happy Calc” – Quatio
“Psychological assessments for school students” – Break Loose Publishing
“Lawrence Littlefoot – The Stone Demon’s Nephew” – Zophar Santè
Calendar, “Menu vegan” campaign logo – Agire Ora Edizioni
“Vacanze Sprint”. Maths – Class V – Raffaello Libri – 2015
Illustrations for the website – Nuritionfacts.org
“Fun Comet” – Quatio – 2014
“Learning Village” – Across Cultures – 2013
“La Narrazione” – ARAI Regione Piemonte

“Mind Play” – Break Loose Publishing – 2013
Logo design – La Riposa alpine hut
“Canine characters” – Zarbi Design Ltd
“Guida per Insegnanti” class V – Ibiscus Libri
“Guida per Insegnanti” class IV – Ibiscus Libri – 2012
“Allegro vivo multimediale” – Il Capitello – 2011
Illustrations for website, t-shirts, leaflets – Associazione Vivi la Natura
“500 disegni” Alessandro Soncin e Fiat 500 Club Italia- Seneca editore, 2010
“San Giorgio, il drago e la rosa” – Agra editrice – 2009
“Giornata Mondiale del Libro 2009” – Agra editrice
“Manuale di chirurgia plastica pediatrica” – Edizioni CLEUP – 2007
“Calendario 2006”, ill. vari. Parco Naturale del Gran Bosco di Salbertrand – 2006

My clients say...

<< Sara is an amazing illustrator who can work in a number of different styles. I was extremely pleased with the illustration and graphic design work she has done. Everything was perfect and she is a pleasure to work with. Sara, looking forward to working with you again in the future! >>

Michael Stager – Quatio Ltd Pty

<< Sara did a great job on our project and was very communicative. She produced beautiful art on a quick timeline >>

 Debbie Dugdale – Pearson USA 

<< I can’t say enough good things about Sara. Her illustration skills are fantastic, just what we were looking for (vintage scientific illustration style). She was a good communicator, fairly priced her work, and got the job done quickly. I’m excited to work with her again!!!>>

 Christman Hersha – Goldleaf Ltd (USA)

<< Sara did an amazing job with the images we had her draw and was very receptive to changes and critiques. We will definitely use her in the future. >>

Scott Rose – Veterinary Surgery Center of Sarasota (USA)

<< I really enjoyed working with Sara,the illustrator of my book. I was attracted by the diversity of her styles and how she expressed the emotional state of the characters she illustrated. I noted the five pages I wanted to have illustrated along with the one for the cover. But before she did anything, Sara read the book! It’s not a small book, about 125k words. I was impressed that she took the effort to read it cover to cover especially since it’s geared toward 9-12 year olds. Sara started working quickly and the sketches were very close to what I imaged. After just a few edits, we were finished. Sara communicated constantly and we truly worked in a collaborative fashion. I highly recommend Sara as an illustrator, She is very talented, creative and professional! >>

ZPT Santé – Author of “Lawrence Littlefoot” book series