Hi everyone! After more than a year, I come up with a new project that I have worked on during the last months and that will be published by Éditions Anas. It is an illustrated Arabic-French dictionary aimed at kids around 8-12 years old. The book evolves around Bilal and Zeyneb, their family, and their daily lives. The characters already existed in previous books from the same publisher and just I re-designed them.
The stylistic choice of drawing all the characters and animals without a face was a set requirement. It was challenging in a good way to work within those boundaries and try to find visual interest and expressiveness relying on poses and body movements alone for all the characters.
The dictionary brings some light religious content. For me, it was very interesting to glance at a different cultural context (the book will be published in Saudi Arabia).

I worked on some book interior layout drafts that won’t be used, but I designed an almost completed cover. The final one should be very similar to this draft below.

I will upload some photos of the book when I receive some copies. Thanks for watching!