Educational and entertaining book for griffin+row

Griffin+Row is an Australian company that produces high quality skincare products, containing ingredients of natural origin and native plants extracts.

In May last year, they contacted me in order to create a small coffee-table book with a light, fun tone, dozens of illustrations and a lot of info and curiosities about skin health, to support the commerce of their products. They wanted the book to be informative but fun, and created with a mix of contents and various styles of fun and educational illustrations.

For this project, I created a special layout in InDesign, working with a mix of scrap book style fonts, with a fresh hand drawn look. I also created a lot of vectors, hand drawn and digital illustrations that mix well, I think, together with the general style of the book, while adding information and vivacity. When the work was finished (the book is now being printed), I also created contents for the future social media promotion.

Following, some examples of the interior spread pages.








I am grateful to have been able to work with griffin+row again, because they always offer great feedback and useful comments, and give me a lot of artistic freedom while helping me to maintain visual consistence in a big project like this one.

I am really curious about how the book will turn out in a printed form.